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tv   The Early Show  CBS  June 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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there you fewer openings now than a few weeks ago. people are learning to do more with less. just ahead here on "the early show," rebecca jarvis will look at the latest numbers and give us a better look at what it's like with folks. tiger woods has a job but when he can do it hasn't been doing it well. his injuries will keep him out of the u.s. open. there are serious questions about his future and whether he'll ever be a number one
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player again. it's been a massive fall from grace from tiger woods. once dominant but no has more. first the latest on the massive wildfires out west. the biggest one in arizona now burned almost 500 square miles and forces thousands more people to leave their homes. donna ross from kpho is in springerville, arizona, with the latest on the story for us. donna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. at this point, firefighters cannot say they're making progress. 343 homes are threatened as this uncontrollable fire continues to spread along the arizona/new mexico border. as the flames and smoke crossed bridges across eastern arizona evacuations were under way for,000 people. >> fire has moved quickly and we have asked the folks from eagar to move on out.
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>> reporter: throughout the new mexico border, everyone is at the ready. >> took a lot of hard work to get here but at least we can get out of here safe and sound that's our main purpose. >> reporter: firefighters thought they got a break yesterday when the winds died down but the unpredictable fire still pushed on, claiming a total of 486 square mountainous miles. yesterday the fire became the second largest in arizona history. containment stands at zero. >> the other night we're doing another night burn and we are literally our backs are to two buildings. people's homes. >> reporter: at this rate officials have another worry, the fire is within three days of el paso electric transmission lines. if it claims those lines 40% the power company generates could be lost, causing power outages in new mexico. they continue to bull doze brush
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and trees around cabins. all they can do is steer it away from communities and wait for nature to take its course. chris back to you. >> donna rsi of affiliate kpho, thank you. it will be brutally hot across two-thirds of the nation thanks to a heat wave. one of the cities battling the heat philadelphia. nicole, what are you expecting in philadelphia today? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. we're live along the scenic boathouse row in philly. people are trying to squeeze in the morning workout before it heats up. in filly looking at about 97 degrees, which does break the record of 95. of course as we know it's not just here in philly, in fact excessive heat warnings are issued for most of the east coast with dangerous conditions forecasted through tomorrow evening. with the hot and nasty
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conditions people are doing the best they can, staying out of the heat, at home, at the local library, the mall, the whatever the case may be. you don't have to twist my arm to go to the mall. let's fast forward to tomorrow, they expect triple-digit weather. it's june and it could be 100 degrees, chris. it's crazy. >> still almost two weeks away from summer. as far as precautions, what's the city of philadelphia got planned today to help people from there? >> at this point, i am told that they are opening cooling centers for the elderly, so if they have to get out ever their homes, out of the heat, they can visit one of those. also the philadelphia school district is closing early today to get those students out of those hot classrooms as well. >> you're predicting 97 down there today, got us beat by a couple of degrees, only 95 here in new york at this point. nicole brewer in philadelphia. >> reporter: hot as hot. >> thank you very much. marysol castro is here with the
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heat and when it's expected to end. here it's just beginning in new york city. >> that's right, good morning to you. we start off in the southwest, where we're looking at the wildfires, so take a look at the critical fire area from arizona to colorado, we're looking at temperatures in the 80s and 90s, upper 80s and 90s. the humidity is very low and the wind gusts are pretty severe. during the daytime hours folks could see wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. overnight hours the wind starts to diminish but by morning time the cycle starts all over again. conditions last through saturday. from that part of the nation through new england, we're looking at a heat wave. summer hasn't officially begun. some temperatures break records from 1933, only june so the nation's capital, new york city, could break records. lasts for awhile and we'll keep an eye on it for you. erica, back over to you. >> mary, thanks, get a fan and a
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bottle of water today. latest on the economy, president obama visiting a community college in virginia to talk about the importance of getting americans back to work. yesterday he said americans shouldn't panic over the latest slowdown in the economy. for some folks easier said than done. rebecca jarvis is here with a look at how difficult it is to find a job. many americans would say very. >> very difficult. economic data has been trending weaker as we have discussed. now a new report on job openings raises fears employers are getting less optimistic about new hires, not what you want to see at this point in the recovery especially on the heels of last week's jobs report which shows the economy just created 54,000 jobs. >> we have set a path that will lead us to long-term economic growth. >> reporter: the president tried to reassure the nation and its nearly 14 million unemployed that we're not heading into another recession, but he is worried about the job market.
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>> i'm not concerned about a double dip recession. i am concerned about the fact that the recovery that we're on is not producing jobs as quickly as i want it to happen. >> for carissa lisch the concerns are personal. >> i'd like to have a job as soon as i possibly can. >> reporter: since losing her job in november she's fearful her prospects are dwindling. >> right now six months so hopefully it's not going to go any further than the summer, i hope. >> reporter: that hope may be getting slimmer. numbers out tuesday show job openings had dropped from 3.1 million to 3 million in the last month. meaning there are roughly 4.5 job seekers for every job vacancy, three times the number we saw before the recession. >> households are facing significant headtwinds. >> reporter: the fed chair acknowledged a weakening economy, blaming the high gas
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prices and crisis in japan but called it temporary. >> growth seems likely to pick up somewhat in the second halfful the year. >> reporter: bernanke did not commit the government to any intervention to boost the economy. carissa lisch can only heap the fed chair is right and the slowdown will turn around. >> i was hoping the unemployment rate would drop. i'm not sure why it's taking so long. like it's just been too long maybe this time. >> carissa knows how long it is, and to stay resolute. 2 million americans have given up looking for work, and that's too big a number. >> looking at the landscape going forward the president trying to be optimistic about this as we hear him speaking, saying he's not concerned about a double dip recession. what are analysts telling you?
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do they see one coming? >> robert reich, former secretary of labor under president clinton believes there's a 40% chance. if there's a double dip, we see unemployment go up again, we could see gasoline prices go up, and the housing picture gets more bleak than it is. like i said in the beginning, we've talked about this a lot, the picture is trending weaker so we need to find a way to boost that momentum. >> we know many jobs are gone forever, whether companies have learned to do more with less or the jobs don't exist anymore because of the economic situation. what are some areas and how are they being replaced? >> a lot of it is concentrated in the manufacturing field. manufacturing of things that we just don't buy here in the united states or things that people don't buy usa made goods. so those are the jobs where the president has even talked about this, he believes that there's going to have to be a transition, those workers who
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deal with for example old outdated cars will have to transition to new technologies, technologies like alternative energy, things we're seeing coming out of silicon valley, where there's more growth coming out of silicon valley and technology. >> what about gas prices? you touched on this briefly, trending downward which is good, but -- >> trending downward but a dollar higher than last year. analysts and economists are expecting everything remains constant, we could see prices down $3.50, even $3.25 by the end of the summer. >> silver lining to end on. >> thanks. >> that was the silver lining. >> they could go down to $3.25. you know? >> i was waiting on that silver lining. >> we'll take ning we can. >> jeff glor for the rest of the headlines. >> good morning to you and everyone at home as well. nato's heavy bombardment of tripoli continued overnight and into the morning. moammar gadhafi said he will never surrender and "welcomes
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death." yesterday was the heaviest daytime bombing since the air strikes began in march. on tv late yesterday gadhafi said he would not accept defeat "martyrdom is a million times better." defense secretary robert gates is in brussels for a nato meeting. the nato secretary-general wants more countries to participate in a libyan campaign. yemen's president sustained injuries more serious than previously thought. ali abdullah saleh burned over 40% of his body and suffered bleeding in his brain after an attack on the presidential palace. he remains in the hospital in saudi arabia. iran announced it's expanding its controversial nuclear program. iran hopes to triple its production capacity of nuclear fuel. it says its nuclear program is solely for the development of nuclear power. the u.s. and south korea this morning staged a joint military exercise northwest of seoul for the first time the operation were under the command of south korea, this comes during increased tensions these
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days. north korea conducted a short-range missile test last week. police in greece say a two-year manhunt is over. police arrested an 18-year-old accused of hacking into a website. delta arls irlines is apologizing to troops who just returned from afghanistan. 30 soldiers had to pay almost $3,000 in baggage fees. the incident provoked anger on the web and the airline now says this, we would like to publicly apologize for any miscommunication as well as any inconvenience we may have caused. delta promises to reach out to the soldiers involved to "address their concerns." one soldier says the bag he was charged extra held his grenade launcher. at the white house president and mrs. obama welcomed german
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chancellor merkel and gave her the presidential medal of freedom. they were welcomed at the rose garden and greeted by members of the national symphony. the al fresco dinner included tuna from hawaii we're told and maryland crab ravioli. they were not serving that on delta flights. hot off the presses this morning, a new hillary clinton comic book. it's an unauthorized comic book, the former first lady current secretary of state, and a series of celebrities by an independent comic book publisher. clinton was included in a comic book two years ago dha focused on powerful women. 14 minutes past the hour, right now back over to chris and erica. >> i wonder if she'll be in the next installment of the "x-men" series. >> now secretary of state, try something new >> marysol castro our superhero
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in the weather world, back for more. >> battling heat. >> how is that going? >> i'm losing miserably. good morning you two. we'll show you the national picture, a big "u" of high pressure along the southern tier of the united states. of course heat is the main story but the west coast is starting to clear out. we see a little bit of some pop-up thunderstorms along the gulf coast. let's take a look at that big swathe of severe weather. 100 reports yesterday of severe weather, most of them were wind. today the same is in store, we're looking at the northeast, the central plains, the great lakes and portions of the rockies. folks could see quick downpours, gusty winds and hail and of course we're not ruling out the possibility of a tornado. it is officially hurricane season so say good morning to tropical storm adrian, first named storm of the season, no offense, adrian, 45-mile-per-hour winds, moving in a west-northwest direction at three to five miles per hour, we
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don't expect it to pan out into anything too thanks so much. that's your latest weather. chris and erica, we were talking with the floor crew. snow or heat. a horrible winter -- >> take the heat. >> always gives us something to talk about, complain. >> complain about. >> thanks, mary. the pressure over congressman weiner to resign over his twitter scandal.
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what one top democrat said over his troubles. and ford's new plan to sell millions more cars. we'll ask the ceo about his plan to hire thousands of new workers as well. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. yeah. um, i thought this was going well for a first date. it is. look at your suckometer. oh, i just quit smoking, and the cravings really suck after a meal. okay. ding! [ male announcer ] quitting sucks. nicorette makes it suck less, doubling your chances of success.
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that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011. coming up on "the early show," what should congressman anthony weiner do now? he's apologized for sexting with at least six women. republicans say not enough, time for him to resign. his own boss, kmic leader nancy pelosi is asking for an ethics probe. the ceo of ford says he's got a better idea to get his company back on top. allen mulally is trying to boost sales and hire thousands more workers. rebecca wijr. advice will have
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beautiful shot there. tiger woods, everybody, sort of waiting for the comeback, when will he be coming back to be number one. now he's dropping out of a tournament. >> he's not playing in the u.s. open and now ranked out of the top ten in the world. can he ever regain that form and how bad are his injuries? we'll ta
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good morning, hard ford road to providence is crawling. middle river and philadelphia road is crawling as well there's ate south of the -- 95 south of the beltway. be careful with the heat today the high temperatures have already claimed lives. >> reporter: don, the health department says that two people have died in the heat in the last week. both victims had underlying health conditions. a man in cecil county and a woman in anne arundel county. bge is keeping an eye on the systems.
7:27 am
the city clared a code red heat. officials are reminding everyone to protect yourself in the heat. last year, they saw the heat related deaths surge. don, back to you. thank you. another pit bull has been shot. he shot his neighbor's dog with a handgun. it came into his yard barking and growling. he's charged with animal cruelty so far. additional charges could be filed it's been more than a week since anyone's seen rodney goggins. his car was found near the reservoir. his family and friends prayed for his safe return last night. britain's prince edward will be visiting baltimore.
7:28 am
he's announcing a self-help program. miss america will be with him. stay with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if congressman anthony weiner believed that apologizing for sending a lewd photo on twitter and lying about it would calm the firestorm about it, sadly mistaken. this morning being hit from all sides. many republicans calling for him to quit. some democrats saying if you need help, look elsewhere. just ahead the latest on congressman weiner's woes. welcome back to the early show. i'm erica hill back with chris wragge. also, tiger woods can't catch a break. he's been all but invisible on the course. now he's taken himself out of this u.s. open because of medical problems, the first open he's missed in 17 years and we'll have the latest on his
7:31 am
condition and whether he'll ever be number one again. i think he'd settle for top ten. we'll check on that with armen keteyian in a minute. jeff glor has the news first. the huge wildfire is still growing, driven by hot, dry winds. the fire blackened nearly 500 square miles. yesterday an additional 4,000 people were forced to evacuate in arizona. an eight alarm fire destroyed an historic rubber plant in rhode island, this fire began last night. it is now out this morning. we're told one firefighter was hurt. this morning opec oil ministers are meeting in vienna and may raise oil production. prices would likely go down for gas. oil prices fell below $98 a barrel in trade in asia. gas prices in the u.s. are falling. aaa reports the average price is
7:32 am
at $3.75, down two cents from a week ago. in southern india two wild elephants caused a panic. one elephant ran through the streets, knocking motorcycles over, one man died because of this, a second elephant got into a fenced in college compound. both elephants were tranquilized and will now be released into a we'll have a high of 98 degrees. we have a heat advisory today. that's noon through 8:00. by the way, the 98 will be rapid. that goes back to 99 degrees. we'll be warm and 72 back
7:33 am
now that congressman anthony weiner apologized for online sexting his political career is on life support, even fellow democrats are giving him the cold shoulder as he insists he will not give up his house house. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the latest for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning. there have been a few calls for weiner to resign, all of the calls coming from republicans but democrats are hardly defending him. as more embarrassing e-mail exchanges leaked out online, congressman weiner is keeping a low proo file after his epic apology. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> reporter: sorry wasn't good enough for nancy pelosi who sent a letter to the ethics committee tuesday officially requesting an investigation. the top republican on the committee indicated a probe would be conducted. >> my personal goal is to try to assure the american people this is not the majority of people in, that serve in congress or
7:34 am
that work in a congressional office. >> reporter: rule number one of the house code of conduct calls for members to behave in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the house. weiner insists he used personal devices in his intimate exchanges with at least six women over the past three years. >> i don't have a knowledge of every last communication but i don't believe i used any government resources. >> reporter: still the pressure is mounting for the seven-term congressman. house majority leader eric cantor said he should resign and democrats who stood by him initially are now backing away. >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him but i can't. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid was asked what he would say if weiner called him for advice. >> call somebody else. >> reporter: the campaign of the
7:35 am
republican party believed this is a political gift. they're saying they're going to target the 21 democrats who got campaign funds from congressman weiner and already one of those democrats, betty sutton of ohio will give her $1,000 to charity. chris? >> how quickly will the ethics committee act on this investigation? >> reporter: it's likely we'll hear fairly soon whether they'll conduct an investigation or not but these investigations tend to drag out. they like to move slowly. it works better for congressman often if they have apologized but this is something we could still be hearing about a year from now. >> one thing we know, anthony weiner could lose harry reid's phone number. >> reporter: absolutely. >> nancy cordes, thank you. coming up next on "the early show," rebecca jarvis goes one on one with the ceo on ford how the auto giant is faring and why they may be filling thousands of jobs very soon. this is the early show here on cbs.
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to keep growing. yesterday unveiling an ambitious plan to increase global sales by 50% in the next five years. rebecca jarvis is back to tell us how the company plans to do it and if this means you could increase by 50% you must need to hire someone. >> since alan mulally took the reins five years ago the company is producing more fuel-efficient and smaller cars, ford earned $2.6 billion in the first quarter of this year, and in our conversation, mulally told us they hope to open new plants and the economy is headed in the right direction. the projections you put out are optimistic, 50% increased production. does that indicate the world economy is getting better? >> the real fundamental is the growth in the asia-pacific
7:40 am
region, in addition to the slower growth in the more mature markets. this is really about the sole manufacturing in the united states, being competitive on a global stage now. >> reporter: you are the one company in the united states that didn't take a government bailout. your profits have grown since the recession. are you planning on hiring new people here in this country? >> yes, over the next two years we'll be hiring nearly 7,000 new employees, great careers in design and manufacturing. >> reporter: do you think more than,000 could be hired in the next couple of years? >> we'll clearly go with that as the economy comes back and we increase production. that will determine what we do about further employment. >> reporter: do you think that the manufacturing could potentially be moving overseas or the new factory growth is going to be in places outside of the united states? >> i think that we'll go overwhere around the world because the markets are growing. the united states is a great market so we'll increase production here. i think we'll see the most
7:41 am
growth in the asia-pacific where the economy is growing's special will i in china. we'll expand operations everywhere in which we sell the great vehicles. >> reporter: do you think it's safe to say with this focus on china and on india, perhaps there's a view that here in the united states, things still hold a lot of uncertainty? >> well, i am very confident that with the fiscal and monetary policy and attention on economic development in the united states we'll get through this recession and keep expanding. >> reporter: more and more people are buying cars in the country and we've seen it in the numbers. do you think that, for this country, the worst is behind us? >> well, this is a slower recovery than we've had in the past, but it is recovering. we were in a very deep hole with our recession and i'm very pleased that everybody's attention is on economic development and growing our economy. but i think it's so important that we all remember that the key, the economic development and probable growth is our
7:42 am
competitiveness so we're going to continue that competitiveness every year. >> part of that xet i haveness is making more fuel efficient cars. i talked to mulally about the types of cars we see in the future. first hybrid and then electric cars. he also said it's really helped the collective bargaining that he's done with the unions that populate ford as far as employees go, that has helped them become more competitive as well through concessions and through new negotiations about what they get paid and how much their pensions are. >> allow to pay less basically that's lowed this emto be more competitive. we talked about this last week not just ford but the big three automakers in the u.s. had to pull back and realized americans don't want the big cars, they need to make smaller cars. >> 55% of ford's cars are projected to be smaller cars by 2020. they make more money on the big cars, the real sit they make higher margins on the cars but
7:43 am
they think now that they're expanding to the likes of asia, they can make a lot of money by doing it with small cars because that's what they demand there. >> that's right, what more folks are buying here as we saw. rebecca, thanks. more troubles for tiger woods, what it he has to say about skipping the u.s. open and why his future is still very much in doubt. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you know rheumatoid arthritis means pain. but you may not know it can also mean destruction. not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today. go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints.
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is it a blast of clean ? is it winning the race against time ? it's the countless innovations of lg, designed to make life good. so is it an appliance or something better ? this morning, tiger woods faces another setback, this time it's medical, said to pull out of the u.s. open later this month because of injury. armen can he at thissians amore. >> the last time he missed the u.s. open was 1994 when he just graduated high school. the surprising decision to withdraw from the open is the
7:47 am
latest and perhaps most ominous medical setback to dog woods' career. at issue lingering injuries to his left leg and achilles aggravated during the third round of the masters in april. >> these are long-term injuries he's had for quite a while and seems like it's kind of catching up with him now. >> reporter: woods announced his decision on twitter writing "very disappointed, short term frustration for long-term gain." later on his website "i was hopeful i could play but if i did i risk further damage to my left leg. my knee and achilles tendon are not fully healed." >> if he's injured and not fully healed he's at risk for further injury. >> reporter: two weeks before his wife and eventually his marriage imploded in a
7:48 am
thanksgiving sex scandal when he won the open. that win left him four shy of jack nicklaus's all-time record of 18 majors. woods is currently ranked 15th in the world, his lowest spot in 14 years. >> he's not playing well. missing the open hurts for him but i think to not play well, to reing injure the knee. >> reporter: woods has plenty of time of becoming the game's july time great. others sense at 35, time may be running out. >> will he play great golf again? absolutely. but to have that sort of invincibility superman on the golf course? that's probably gone forever. >> woods says he'll be back in action at the end of this month but also said he was healthy enough to play in the open. >> it's that psychological edge he used to have over golfers.
7:49 am
it's like you're playing three shots back going against the guy with his prowess on the golf course. do you think he can make it back to the tiger we're familiar with? >> he's 35, got swing and personal issues. any one of the four could short circuit a great player, he's dealing with four of them. >> the commission of the pga tour can't be happy about a guy who drives tv ratings and att d attendance at a lot of the events. >> mike donald, buba watson, steve stricker, but at some point in time you want to hear springsteen play and sinatra play but this is a huge hole the game cannot fill. >> armen keteyian, thanks very much. ♪
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van gundy! ha ha the new watch espn app the espn networks live on your phone and tablet today, noon through 8:00, we have a heat advisory for a simple reason. it will >> -- it will go close to 100 degrees today. take away from this, the following. there are no surprises. the forecast said it would do this. by friday, we'll have a good
7:56 am
weekend. now, over to kristy breslin. hi, marty. hi, everyone. well, the beltway is busy. brake lights from harford and york road. westside of the outer lupe crawling along there. it will take you at least 20 minutes to get to that delay. 95 southbound, heavy congestion from whitemarsh to the harbor tunnel throughway. several accidents in the area, philadelphia and middle river and hawkins point and efficiency way. not much is happening there. that's 83 north of mt. carmel road. this is brought to you by your baltimore hyundai dealer. stop by one of the dealers today to find out why everyone's choosing hyundai we heard marty say, the temperatures will be searching today. -- surging today.
7:57 am
andrea fujii has the story on the heat. >> reporter: don,the health department says over the past week and a half, two have died in the heat. both recent victims were over the age of 65. a man in cecil county and a woman in anne arundel county. bge is keeping a close eye on the systems. they've declared a code red heat alert today. officials are reminding everyone to protect yourself, elderly and pets. last year, they saw the number of heat related deaths surge to 32. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. up next, new research on migraine headaches. and as prodemocracy movements and as prodemocracy movements threaten to turn the ,, cñ
7:58 am
today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
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welcome back to "the early show" here on a wednesday morning. i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. some of the most dramatic moments from this arab spring happened in cairo. weeks of protest drove egyptian president hosni mubarak out of office. >> no one can predict where the democratic revolution will take this country. we are looking at that part of the world. >> elizabeth palmer is in cairo with the latest on egypt's road to democracy. good morning.
8:01 am
>> reporter: hello, chris. well, there are some bumps on the road as you might imagine. this is where it all started most dramatically, where the government was really overthrown. since then the country is taking over but people don't have faith in the forces of security especially the police very loyal to the old regime, beat people, arbitrary arrests so that's a nagging worry for people. however, we've been out in the countryside and talking to people in the city and i dare say there's a sense of cautious optimism and with elections moving this fall some excitement. ♪ four months ago, tahrir square crammed with egyptians was the heart of an upsizing that toppled egypt's corrupt government. today, it's back to being a traffic circle in the center of cairo. although especially on fridays, groups of young esipgss rally, keeping up the pressure or the shift to democratic rule. these days tahrir square is the
8:02 am
focus of smaller demonstrations but also turned into a carnival of nationalism, a place where you can buy a t-shirt or hat or get your hands and your arm painted, egyptians love their country, and they're proud of what they call the revolution. three solid weeks of stubborn and sometimes violent demonstrations that forced president hosni mubarak to quit in february. it was a victory for reform, but a disaster for the economy, which is now the people's number one concern. empty hotels deserted attractions say it all. tourism used to generate $4 billion a year. this march, earnings were down by two-thirds. thousands of families already poor have lost their livelihoods. >> translator: my horse died. i simply couldn't afford to feed
8:03 am
him. >> reporter: egypt's army which sided with the people during the uprising plans to hand power back to civilians this fall and a controversial new player is on the scene, the muslim brotherhood, banned by the old regime as an extremist group it's now campaigning hard in the mainstream for votes, a prospect that has secular egyptians rattled. >> i'm worried, for example, it would be one of those muslim countries like iran or like the gulf, and every woman has to wear a veil. >> reporter: a recent poll showed 15% of decided voters so far will support the brotherhood. although a huge majority of egyptians say they do intend to vote. now all eyes are on ousted president hosni mubarak who is under arrest and quite ill in
8:04 am
sharm el sheikh. the military will put him on trial in august. the military will be forced out of power in the next year or two. >> elizabeth palmer, thank you. in the month that followed, several people have risen as potential candidates to lead the new egypt. one is mohammed eed elbaradei. he is winner of the nobel peace prize and leader of the to a comic national energy agency. >> we need to move quickly on the road to democracy, empowering people, proper democratic election for parliament, proper democratic election for president and democratic institution that reflects the views of the majority but have adequate absolute protection for minorities, equality for everybody. we should take our time as with many other countries to make sure at the end of the day we really are moving into a new egypt and not just reincarnation
8:05 am
of the old regime. it's not a question of change of places but a change of regime, completely different mind-set and i hope that they understand that, i believe they understand that but they need to understand that things take time and they should not rush it because that could have major implications for the next few decades. >> that was mohamed elbaradei earlier from cairo. joining us, bobby ghosh from "time" magazine, which reports on egypt in the latest issue. good morning. good to see you. >> hi, chris. >> we talked about the people having cautious optimism, mr. elbaradei talks about people being patient. you hear about certain situations being so poor in that country. >> people are probably going to be willing to give this up to the election, and there isn't a date yet but most likely it will happen in the winter, there will be parliamentary elections and presidential elections. hopefully the new government that comes out of it and maybe
8:06 am
mr. ba rah day will have a role in it will get a honeymoon but not a long one, not the kind we're used to in this country. egyptians are hurting, the economy is in bad shape, enormous unemployment and because of all the uncertainties in the country, one of the biggest earners, tourism is way down. so people know that they need to be patient but on the other hand, when you're having difficulty finding a job, making ends meet, feeding your family, it's a little difficult to stay patient very long. >> mr. ba rah day told me he is going to run if certain conditions exist. he's probably the person most are familiar with. is he the leading candidate? >> he's most familiar because of his role in the iaea and nobel prize. for egyptians the more likely is amr moussa, there was a pop song named after him, popular in the
8:07 am
90s a '90s and mr. ba rah day's career is outside of egypt. so election day a lot of things can change. the google guy who remembers became the face of tahrir square he will be a face as well. >> we mentioned in the piece most of the u.s. is a little bit nervous, the brotherhood stand to gain a number of seats, should certain egyptians be nervous with their inclusion? >> the muslim brotherhood will probably wind up best guess, 30% to 40%. they're the best organized, the oldest political organization but again best guesses are a sort of conglomerate of different secular groups will get a larger number of seats. whether they can form a coalition is to be seen. the egyptian brotherhood has
8:08 am
been taking care to tone down their rhetoric in the last couple of years, even before hosni mubarak was overthrown and since that they've been much more conciliatory. once they get to rule, if they get to rule they'll be confronted with real issues, the hard work of doing government, and i suspect you'll see they will then find themselves too busy doing that to be sort of delivering the heated rhetoric that we see from them in the past. >> bobby, thank you very much. love the socks. >> thank you. >> arab summer continues tomorrow on "the early show" with a look at tunisia, where the first pro-democracy proest ises began some six months ago which set this whole thing in motion. here's jeff glor with another check of the headline this is morning. >> good morning once again to you, chris. we begin in libya, nato launched more air raids in tripoli overnight. we'll start with alan pizzey in
8:09 am
tripoli. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. one of the bombs vibrated the hotel so much i had the sensation more of being in an earthquake than a bombing raid which might indicate they were the bunker busters that go deep down underground before they explode. nato was targeting command and control centers which they claim gadhafi forces have moved into the city abandoning positions in the hinterland. we were told the natureland or farm area where gadhafi meets important guests and scattered all around us were the burned remnants of what was certainly carpeting and probably tents and tent poles decorated in the way i've seen gadhafi's tents decorated. interestingly off a little ways away a wind sock which told us there were planes or suspects landing there. when we asked the man in charge
8:10 am
he said oh it's something for the wind. we said yes we know that but that's as far as he was willing to go. there was no one there when the place was bombed. it was two missile strikes. the message from nato in that, we know where you like to go so don't think that you can hide from us. i think that's what nato is trying to say here. >> alan pizzey in tripoli, thank you. the latest on the still growing wildfire in eastern arizona. smoke from that fire in arizona has disrupted air traffic in albuquerque, 150 miles away and reduced visibility as far north as denver. the fire blackened nearly 500 square niles of brush and timber and driven thousands of residents from their homes. so far unable to control the flames firefighters protecting threatened towns. the senate is scheduled to vote on capping the fees when customers use debit cards.
8:11 am
the current average fee is 44 cents a transaction, the proposed limit is 12 cents. merchants say the higher fees force them to charge higher prices. congressman anthony weaner is under increasing pressure to resign and he's not getting very much support from fellow democrats. >> i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say. >> what advice would you give him if he asked you? >> call somebody else. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi has formally requested an investigation after weiner's admission that he lied about various inappropriate online exchanges with women. > . >> good morning. there's a new therapy for wounded warriors you have to see to believe. they are taking injured troops
8:12 am
back to iraq to confront the battlefield and the events that changed their lives. a new power of healing tonight on the "cbs evening news." back to "the early show." as we hit 12 minutes past the hour, back over to chris and erica. >> jeff, thank you very much. told this guy you'd be joining us every morning. >> if he only knew what he was in for. marysol castro is here with the weather. >> good morning everyone at home. notable high temperatures from yesterday. the heat spread into the northern plains which is rare for this time of year. minneapolis, wichita and green bay broke records. normal temperatures is around the 70s. the temperatures do cool off for today, but for the vast majority of you you'll continue to feel the heat. 35 states along the coast you could feel a very, very light breeze but the further inland you go, it's going to continue to be owe prosive, high
8:13 am
temperatures into the overnight hours. we have watches and warnings posted air quality alerts. the pollutant also churn in the air. stay inside if you can do it. philadelphia, excessive heat wa this weather report sponsored by ortho home defense max. defend what's yours. >> here's erica. just ahead, fighting off a
8:14 am
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8:17 am
go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. in this morning's "healthwatch" migrain misery affects 30 million americans. they're three times more common in women than men and can start at any age. for some patients that means a daily struggle. >> i suffered with migraines for the past 19 years and i'm 22. my headaches started at 23. i was getting car sick and throwing up a lot. they sent me to a neurologist and confirmed that i was getting migraines. i think my first recollection is being in the emergency room maybe when i was 5 or 6 and i just remember being in excruciating pain and i called
8:18 am
it a dry screaming because i would scream without any voice. by seventh grade over the summer i went to the er three times in 24 hours, and right after that, they became daily. usually it's throbbing in both my temple lobes. sometimes you can feel my temples spasming. my triggers are different types of smoke, tobacco, cigars, if i don't get enough sleep or eat regular meals, if i go to a place with strobe lights, guaranteed loud music, looking at the sun the wrong way. this is my arsenal of medications. i don't know any other different way of life. i've known pain and i can't imagine a life actually that was completely different. >> awful to hear she can't imagine a life different without the pain. >> really is. >> for people at home who may be wondering if their bad headache
8:19 am
is a migrain. what is the difference? >> this can be difficult for doctors to accurately diagnose because the fact of the matter is a migrain can mimic signs of a stroke and a ruptured aneur m aneurysm. the key between a migrain and regular headache is severity and associated symptoms. nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, potentially neurologic skinz like numbness or sing tingling, one side of the face and difficulty speaking. the key is for you if you know you suffer from migraines don't assume you can have a stroke. if it feels different seek medical attention >> samantha started getting migraines at age 3 seems unimaginable. is it gentlemen net ick? >> there is always a genetic component. they're looking for the migraine gene. 20% of migraines start in children as young as 5 years of age. it's difficult in children
8:20 am
because they're less able to communicate sometimes what they're feeling. >> i can't imagine my kids dealing with that. samantha mentioned her common triggers. do those hold for most people? >> they're difficult. some of the more common, chocolate, aged meats or cheese, some red wines, changes in the weather or hormonal factors and really it is different for everyone so if you suffer from migraines you want to know what your triggers are. >> what about the treatment? >> we divide it up into rescue medications, prevention and lifestyle management, botox is being given to prevent migraines. speak to someone who is an expert in headaches. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by know toe log flexpen. ask your doctor about the benefits today. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take
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8:22 am
coming up we'll look at fish
8:23 am
fraud because frankly this ,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
kristy has the rush and marty has the weather. take a look at the forecast today. mid-70s now, the upper 90s this afternoon. as forecasted, it will be hot. very warm overnight. about five degrees warmer than this past morning. we're on track to bust the heat. we have a pleasant run of weather coming up. good morning again, marty and everyone. well, plenty of activity out there. if you're traveling southbound,
8:26 am
heavy from middletown past belfast. 95 southbound, very heavy up to the harbor tunnel freeway. the westside outer lupe is bumper to pump -- bumper. >> let's take a live look. you can see, things are slowing down on liberty road. this is brought to you by bills, carpet, hard wood and lam gnat, too. you can call them for more. thank you, the weather is the top of the news. we're bracing for our second heat wave in two weeks. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: don, the health department says that two have died in the heat. both recent victims were over the age of 65 and had underlying health conditions.
8:27 am
bge is keeping a close eye on the systems this morning city declared a code red heat alert today and tomorrow. cooling centers will be open. check yourself, the elderly and pets in the heat. last year, the number of heat related deaths surged to 32 compared to six in 2009. the body of a missing swimmer has been found. this young man drowned a week ago after swimming illegally. he likely panicked. starting today, the public can be heard about raising tolls on the bridges and tunnels. the public input will help determine on implementing the series of toll increases. go to and click on seen on tv. stay with us, up next, your
8:28 am
fish dinner may not be what you think it is. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ng to get more
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour. on average americans eat nearly 16 pounds of fish a year, getting the message that fish is good for us, eating more of it. here is the problem, do you know what you're eating? fish fraud. it's out there. >> you might be a victim and don't know it. a new report says many switch
8:31 am
out expensive fillets with cheaper fish and you pay the price. chris wragge with erica hill. >> i'm upset about this. your wild salmon may not be wild. >> i used to question arthur treachers back in the day. just a little chuckle. you know what else we have coming up? >> no. >> when you go to the gift shop at say the smithsonian you ever look at where the souvenirs were made, a lot of them made in china. we'll speak to the congressman who say it is unpatriotic and wants to get americans back to work by selling more "made in america" gifts. meet a woman who makes some of the gifts. >> fantastic and broadway one of america's great traditions and this sunday the 65th annual tony awards on cbs will honor broadway's best of the year. so many great shows and to get ready for the great night we
8:32 am
begin with marysol castro checking out "anything goes" up for nine, nine awards. >> really want to see it. the reviews are phenomenal. first jeff is standing by at the news desk with another look at the headlines. >> how dare you question the integrity of arthur treacher's. >> sorry. >> long john silver's, always the best. good morning, everyone. a group of soldiers returning from afghanistan are not happy being charged extra baggage fees from delta airlines. the video has gone viral shows them airing issues with delta charging the unit of 34 soldiers about $3,000 in extra baggage fees. >> found out that we had too many bags. >> what do you mean too many bags? >> we had four bags, delta airline only allows three bags, anything over three you have to pay for it even though there's a contract between the united
8:33 am
states government and delta airlines. >> delta has apologized for any misunderstanding with the servicemen and women and says it plans to correct any issues they faced. carolyn goodman is the newly elected mayor of las vegas, got 61% of the vote and celebrated with supporters last night. if the name sounds familiar she'll take over from her husband, oscar goodman, prevented from running again by term limits. the anthony weiner scandal is hurting more than just anthony weiner. jon stewart was doing a parody where he admitted sending the lud photo. the routine called for stewart to make a margherita with a blender but broke a glass and accidentally cut his wrist. >> not good.
8:34 am
i'm probably going to need to go to the hospital. the show was briefly halted while stewart was treated with a bandageage. that scandal may prompt another famous name to run for mayor of new york. alec baldwin friend says baldwin thinks without weiner running for mayor the dynamics of the race with a shifted. i'd say that's a good assumption. they're talking about the race politically things have changed. >> yes, that's what i love about you, you never state the obvious, jeff glor, love the assumption. the national high temperatures for today, talking about the heat all morning. the southern tier from los angeles to miami, 88 in miami, 71 in los angeles, the one cool spot, fargo, 58 degrees.
8:35 am
to the west coast we go, you saw a lot of chilly temperatures in the last few days, temperatures start to rebound a spell, these are seasonable, 60 uricoh, 67 in san francisco. morning fog in and around san francisco, starts to lift by the afternoon hours. also going to be a little bit windy, but free of any real precipitation and the severe weather looking at it throughout the day, we're looking at very, very heavy downpours, gusty winds, hail and of course we cannot rule ou it's a warm and humid morning. summer in the city. i know the calendar shows summer a few weeks. obviously not with mother nature. 98 degrees is the high. the record is 97. warm and 72 overnight. take away from this broadcast, we're dealing with only two days of heat.
8:36 am
athanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's erica. other americans buy and sell goods made and manufactured in other countries. some people are surprised where it's happening, including some places that seem to represent america. michelle miller found out. >> good morning, erica. tourists come from all over the world to visit museums, national parks and zoos. finding an american made souvenir to take home is proven to be difficult. lawmakers are fighting to get more american made products back in souvenir shops and for some small business owners and manufacturers alike, that's very welcome news. >> they all start with one star. >> reporter: for nearly a decade mary bucksbaum sold her hand crafted wares made in her connecticut home to one of the most iconic constitutions in america. >> twice a month i was shipping
8:37 am
just to the history museum. >> the gift shop at the smithsonian history museum. her americana collection was among the museum's best sellers. >> one day the buyer came in with the spreadsheet and said you sell more work as a single artist than any other artist in the smithsonian. >> reporter: despite brisk sales the relationship came to an abrupt end. >> management changed and a new buyer came in. >> reporter: sales dropped 20%, forcing bucksbaum to lay off her three employees. now she works all alone. you think it was the lower price point that drove them? >> i know they sell lower price point items today than the item that i have but i'm a handmade item made in america. >> reporter: what is sold to an estimated 4 million visitors who flock to the american history museum each year are items with the inscription "made in china."
8:38 am
>> i think it's quite >> reporter: representative nick rayhall is out to change that working with fellow lawmakers he crafted legislation tying the sale of american made souvenirs to future federal funding. 70% of the museum's budget comes from the federal government. >> i think americans would pay $1 or $2 more infantessimal to have it say "made in the usa." >> reporter: more than 8 million americans lost their manufacturing jobs as factories moved overseas. small businesses like marilee made put out of business as stores ditched american made in lieu of cheaper products. >> it's important we boost the morale of american workers by showing them we care to have our products made in america.
8:39 am
>> reporter: bowing to pressure the smithsonian agreed to sell only american made merchandise at the american history's price of freedom gift shop by early july. bucksbaum hopes to be first in line. do you hope to be back in the smithsonian? >> you bet, i better be back. >> many say the problem extends far beyond the smithsonian to all institution, landmarks, national parks and the congressman says everywhere that he and his fellow congressman can they'll be looking into it. >> the bill is on the table. the smithsonian one gift shop is making the move for july but as a whole what are they saying about that bill? >> they're not saying much. they're saying look, we can provide some american made products for some of our museums, we have a history museum, we have other museums that cater to other types of mow
8:40 am
ta motifs. some aren't made in america that they're looking for. it's a catch 22. >> it really is. great story. >> i also brought you a made in america flag. >> and mary is in my home state of connecticut. >> right out of hartford. >> thanks. here is chris. if you like fish, listen to this before your next order. a new report says many fish providers are playing a shell game with suppliers. katey, good morning. >> good morning, chris. called fish fraud. nearly one in three fish we eat is mislabeled. that means when you go to your favorite restaurant, grocery store or seafood market your fish might be something else all together. lovers of food with scales and because there's something fishy going on with america's seafood. >> one in three fish are not what they say they are and that's fraud. >> with a head and a tail, you
8:41 am
no he what you're buying. >> smaller one? to tell. fish are often replaced with similar, cheaper species. advocacy group oceania's report says cod is sometimes oilfish. wild salmon could be straight from the farm, and red snapper is something different, like tilapia, more than 70% of the time. >> i'd be very upset. >> i feel like i've been cheated. >> reporter: i understand a lot of the seafood we eat is imported. how much of that is actually inspected? >> 80% of the fish that we eat is brought in from overseas. only 2% of that is inspected by the food and drug administration. >> reporter: much of that imported fish arrives already processed, filleted and frozen. so companies like u.s. food service, one of the largest seafood buyers in the country, has taken extreme measures. >> it would take assembling the product to the laboratory to be
8:42 am
tested. >> reporter: they sent samples of their seafood to a lab in florida. >> it's like the csi of the seafood industry. >> reporter: where it's dna tested and the type of fish is confirmed. why is it so important to do the seafood testing? >> we want to make sure they are getting what they pay for all the way through and getting properly labeled products. >> reporter: for those of us who aren't scientists there are some things we can do. whole fish, is this the best way to know you're getting what you pay for? >> it is. you can look at the fish and see this is clearly a red snapper. >> i should ask my fish monger to cut it up for me? >> reporter: and you get what you pay for. >> reporter: for fish fans it's not a perfect solution. >> you're going to pay more for fillet or pay more for a fish to see what it is and not eat all of it anyway. >> very hard to believe that 70% of red snapper is really tilapia if you don't go and see the fish
8:43 am
yourself. this is not only fraudulent but this could also pose a bit of a health risk. >> it's not just about your wallet. imagine if you're allergic to a certain seafood and ends up on your plate. you have to be sure you're getting what is advertised. >> the best thing is pick out the fish yourself if you're concerned about it. >> thank you, good to see you. conce[ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet.
8:44 am
it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪
8:45 am
♪ marysol, that is your cue, time to head out on the road to this sunday's tony awards, broadway's biggest night. marysol is here with a look at the most nominated music revi l revival. >> i think you may be familiar with a couple of the tunes. unforgettable songs, toe-tapping dance tunes and costumes,
8:46 am
"anything goes" is a good old-fashioned musical comedy at its best. ♪ in olden days a glimpse of stocking ♪ >> reporter: with nine tony nominations including best revival of the musical, the roundabout theater company's "anything goes" is the latest acclaimed production of cole porter's audience favorite. >> hopefully we'll have romance and humor and tap dancing and send them on their way. >> reporter: the musical originally opened november 21st, 1934 with ethyl ethel merman in the starring role with frank sinatra. ♪ you're the top ♪ anything goes >> reporter: in 1987, two-time tony winner patty lapone led another highly acclaimed broadway production. ♪ you're the nile, you're the
8:47 am
tower of pisa ♪ >> reporter: now sutton foster playing reno sweeney, a role she almost didn't take. >> i hemmed and hawed. they originally offered it to me. i said yes! then then i said wait! and i kind of panicked, and i basically the panic factor was because of the pedigree and i was intimidated, and then that ultimately became the reason why i decided to do it was because it scared me so much. ♪ it's friendship, friendship >> reporter: lending his friendship and support is joel gray, himself a tony winner. >> it's a classic, yet it remains so relevant. what is the secret behind that? >> i think that there's somewhere in their brain there's some familiarity they're comfortable with knowing it's cole porter.
8:48 am
>> it's a score that almost everyone is familiar with the songs. they're classic songs. ♪ if you ever -- >> reporter: from "i love lucy ♪ ♪ it's friendship >> reporter: to "blazing saddles." ♪ i get no kick from champagne >> you make the songs from so familiar fresh and new. >> i can't believe i'm singing this. ♪ when i got to satan's door >> reporter: can you give me five, six -- ♪ if you're ever in a jam
8:49 am
here we go, ready? ♪ if you're ever -- is that right? >> that's good. ♪ if you're ever in a jam, here i am ♪ ♪ if you ever need a pal, i'm your gal ♪ >> that's the truth. >> reporter: sitting down with the incredible performers to discuss a timeless show inspired me to explore my own musical talent. i'm going to go to tap lessons. >> good luck. >> reporter: i may wear a nice shoe b sh nice shoe. >> it's all about the face. fool with a smile and hands. >> so the first thing you're going to do is kick the can, kick back and step on it. kick the can, kick back and step on it. shuffle step. >> reporter: kathleen marshall gave me a crash course and got me ready to take on the show's talented and very patient
8:50 am
dancers. finally, i was ready to make my tap debut. ♪ anything goes >> there you go! >> woo! bravo! >> way to go! nice job. >> i'm not giving my day job up any time soon. >> i love it. >> so when you see me doing this for weather. >> we'll know. >> exactly. >> it was a really great show. if you haven't had a chance to go see it, do. even in the audience, you know all the songs. as soon as you hear the first
8:51 am
few notes oh yeah i know the show. ♪ i get no kick from champagne >>. ♪ alcohol, it doesn't move me at all ♪ >> speaking of tony i'm spending time with the host of the show, nph, neil patrick harris. >> i think you -- how about that? send him our best. >> big, big fan. see the 65th annual tony awards hosted by at forementioned neil patrick harris on cbs. >> is he going to call you cpw? >> we'll say the initials back and forth to one another. >> hosting. i may be free. >> mary is your lady. >> your local news is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's five minutes before 8:00. a nice day to spend by the water. marty's in the first warning weather center. at noon through 8:00, we'll have a heat advisory go into effect for pretty simple reasons. we'll go to a high of 98 degrees this day. the heat value is near 105 there are no surprises.
8:56 am
we're expected zag good week -- a good weekend. >> the extreme heat has already claimed lives. watch out for yourself and others. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: don, the health department says that two people have died in the heat over the past week. both victims were under the age of 65 and had health conditions. bge is keeping a close eye on the systems. there's a code red heat alert today and tomorrow. cooling centers are open. check yourself and the elderly and pets in the heat. >> last year, the number of heat related deaths surged. this morning, the police charged a man with raping a young woman in mt. vernon.
8:57 am
the woman was assaulted in st. paul street yesterday. it's now been more than a week since anyone's seen this young firefighter recruit. his car was found and family and friends came together to pray for his safe return. another pit bull has been shot. this time in severna park. the man shot the neighbor's dog with his handgun when it came in his yard barking and growling at him. he's accused of discharging a firearm. additional charges could be file against him. a woman faces driving citations and fines for teaching her 14-year-old niece how to drive her car. the girl accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake and went into the lake.
8:58 am
none of the people in the car were hurt. stay with us, complete news and first warning weather today at noon. as always, availables available any time, from anywhere at again, we hope you find a way ,,
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